My-Tyme, Our Journeys

With this new purpose set for their lives, these men (the Disciples) were taught and trained by Jesus so that, after His ascension, they could be used by God to capture the hearts of people with the message of the cross and resurrection of Christ. Today, we follow in their steps as we share the good news of Christ’s love and salvation.

May our lives both declare and exhibit this love that can change the lives, purposes, and eternal destinies of others. —Bill Crowder

Help me, Lord, to represent You well so that others might be drawn to Your love and salvation. Amen

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My-Tyme,  Our Journeys!

Hi, Wanda Morris here, a wife of 23 years, a mother of two adult children and a grandmother of 4.  

I have been writing since a little girl as a way of escape from the reality of a life that seemed out of control.

I have spent a lifetime giving wise advice to those in my personal space. Usually my advice comes from my life’s experiences which have been allowed by God as a testimony so that others would be enlightened and encouraged. 

I feel that every person should be heard. So I have decided to blog knowing that YOU are out there and YOU are looking for someone that’s saying what you’re thinking. 

Here’s where you’ll be able to relate, respond, and even have a rebuttal to the what’s on my mind. You may gasp, shake your head, maybe you’ll shed some tears. My purpose is to encourage you to release, so that your voice is heard! 

Join me on this journey where we’ll be keeping it 100!

I’ll be sounding off on Mondays, bi-weekly highlighting my most passionate issues such as: mental illness, overcoming abuse, life as a child of God’s, and more.

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